Bhima launches new sales platform

Bhima Thoroughbreds, Scone, will be the first vendor to utilise the Kick Sales Platform technology aimed at improving information access for buyers at yearling sales.

It will allow interested parties to visit their website and access detailed information on each specific yearling in the draft. Records include horse owner and breeder, horse history, x-ray reports provided by two veterinarians, scope reports, dam progeny records and links to race replays.

TDNAusNZ invited Mike Fleming to expand on a few key areas of the Kick Sales Platform.

TDNAusNZ: What do you see as the major benefits of this new service?

MF: When you look at the whole industry as far as buying and selling goes, it’s no different to purchasing other commodities like a house or a car – the information is there, but there are barriers in terms of time, accessibility and money. When you stand in the shoes of the buyer with catalogues of 1000 horses plus these days, it’s easy to see how their experience can be improved. This service and platform puts full information on the product in front of the buyer quickly and easily.

“When you stand in the shoes of the buyer with catalogues of 1000 horses plus these days, it’s easy to see how their experience can be improved.” – Bhima owner and manager, Mike Fleming

TDNAusNZ: So you see this as a window of opportunity for all concerned?

MF: Researching horses is time consuming and anything we can do to shorten up and make the process easier has to be a positive for the industry. It also makes it easier for syndicators to on-sell yearlings to the public as they have the information at their fingertips. As a vendor I can make the buying process straightforward by supplying accurate information on an easy to-use platform. It’s going to save buyers hours.

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Lot 34 – a Redoute’s Choice colt from Purely Spectacular

TDNAusNZ: One would think making x-ray reports readily accessible will save buyers time and money, what about selling horses with higher risk x-rays?

MF: We see time and time again that people expect certain horses to make a significant amount of money so they’re passed over as being out of budget, but if people realise those horses have a couple of issues, they can become quite affordable. It allows everyone to readily have the information and assess their value more accurately. It also allows very quick decisions to be made when a horse could be in a back parade ring or passed in.

“If people realise those horses have a couple of issues, they can become quite affordable.” – Mike Fleming

Every vet has a different opinion and there’s great debate about that, so for Bhima utilising this platform we have used two very experienced racetrack vets, Dr Dave McKellar and Dr Chris Lawler, who are not only reputable but see both yearlings and racehorses in the sale environment and the racing stable. This gives them a very clear indication on what is manageable and what is not.

TDNAusNZ: It’s clear that this level of detail will be appealing to all buyers, but are there any sectors of the market this will be of bigger benefit?

MF: It will benefit everyone, but in particular bloodstock agents and syndicators. They are more professional than ever and they have to tick every information box before buying a yearling. It’s extremely time-consuming given the sheer volume of horses at a sale like Magic Millions. As a vendor I can make the buying process easier by supplying information on an easy-to-use platform. It’s a major advantage to shorten-up the time frame and make all this information accessible – so I think it is a priceless tool.

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Lot 56 – a Savabeel colt from Refreshing


TDNAusNZ: Are you technologically adept yourself?

MF: I have trouble turning the computer on, so no I’m not technologically savvy! But that doesn’t stop me seeing the immense value of making all of this vital information easily accessible to the right people. It’s very easy to jump on through our website via a mobile phone or laptop and see the information laid out point by point.

TDNAusNZ: And a word on your Gold Coast Yearling Sale draft?

MF: I’m happy with them. They are a really good line of horses and there will be something for everyone at every budget. There will certainly be some smart racehorses coming out of this draft.

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 Lot 61, a So You Think filly from Redoute’s Choice
Writing by Paul Vettise for TDN AusNZ

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