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Lot NumberVideoPhotosColourSexSireDamBuyerPrice
BrownFillyWootton Bassett (GB)Patsy Boyne (IRE)
66BayColtCapitalist Purely Spectacular (NZ)
99GreyFillyKing’s LegacyRina Bettina (NZ)
105Bay or Brown FillyBlue Point (IRE)Rocket Commander
123BayFillyDeep Field Sacredvista
164BayColtKing’s LegacySerenade
196Brown or Grey FillyAdmire Mars (JPN)Simogramor (NZ)
261Bay or BrownColtShalaa (IRE)Super Oasis
294BayFillyBlue Point (IRE)The Tide is High (NZ)
302BayFillyKing’s Legacy Toberias (FR)
307BayColtKing’s LegacyToffee Tongue (NZ)
317ChestnutFillyBivouacTurn My Heart (USA)
324BayFillyI Am InvincibleUnbelievable (IRE)
356BayFillyRussian RevolutionWhenever
368BayColtKing’s LegacyWonderland (IRE)
371BayColtBivouacYarra Bank
408BayColtDundeel (NZ)Ain’t She Smart
525Bay or BrownFillyToronado (IRE)China Star (NZ)
596ChestnutColtCapitalistDoulmera (USA)
626Black or BrownFillySo You ThinkElusive Nature
703BayColtSuper Seth Garden of Swans (GB)
797BayColtDundeel (NZ)Is What It Is
882Black or BrownColtLonhroLove Freedom
907Black or BrownFillyLonhroMaiya Nova
926BayColtI Am InvincibleMelba Avenue
956Bay or BrownFillySo You Think (NZ)Miss Promiscuity
972BayColtBivouac Moet Belle (NZ)